Aureole Jewelry
aureole jewelry

aureole jewelry

the genuine me.

He said, let there be light;

And there was light.

The Brand

Aureole Jewelry is a contemporary accessories brand designed for women who value authenticity.

We celebrate the notion of being true to yourself, because beauty manifests in diverse ways. Let your style shine on its own.

Our Products

Each of our trademark pieces are crafted with the wearer in mind.

Defined as a “circle of light”, Aureole is the aura that glows from within you. We designed our pieces for your every day experiences, with you as the epicenter — as the source of light.

We stand by


Hand-crafted with love, individually inspected and polished. We believe that every detail matters, from material selection to product design to packaging.


Our minimalistic designs are meant for everyday wear, complimenting your outfit. Simply and effortlessly.


We don’t stop after delivery. We go out of our way to make sure aureole wearers are 100% satisfied.

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