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Care & Warranty

We want every single one of our customers wearing aureole to be completely satisfied with their purchase.

I) Care

A Gentle Care Guide by Miss Aureole, the jewelry.

14k or 18k Gold and sterling silver jewelry will naturally tarnish over time. Just to let you know, I don't bond too well with hot, sizzling showers or pool water. Perfume and skincare products also need to be completely absorbed before putting me on because I simply can't stand moisture!

Please bathe me in a mixture of mild soap and lukewarm water. As a finishing touch, swipe my polishing cloth over me to give me some extra shine.

I enjoy being alone in a pouch or soft-lined box for protection, ideally in an airtight, cool, and dry place. Rubber, stainless steel, and paint are not exactly my close friends, so please don't bring them near me.

If I am made of porous stones, please wipe me with an untreated dry and soft cloth. To give you a hint, your glamorous friend always enjoys a bubble bath with mild soap and water solution for extra shininess.

II) Warranty

Authenticity We guarantee that the products of Aureole Jewelry are made from genuine materials, as stamped on the products, primarily solid sterling silver and solid 14k or 18k Gold with diamonds, gemstones, stones, and/or freshwater cultured pearls. Aureole Jewelry guarantees the quality and craftsmanship of the jewelry.

Our Promise
Every piece of Aureole Jewelry is guaranteed for 180 days under normal conditions of wear and tear. If your piece happens to break or loses stones, we will be happy to fix your item free of charge. Our warranty does not cover naturally tarnished products, misuse or mishandling of jewelry pieces, or any other form of handling of jewelry unrelated to manufacturing defects, and items adjusted by a third party. Items purchased during sales or with coupon code will not be covered under this guarantee. The customer is responsible for returning the item(s), with tracking, back to Aureole Jewelry.

We will bear the cost for return shipping. Please email us for warranty inquiries.

*Limitations apply and Aureole Jewelry has the right and discretion to refuse any piece that is not covered by the warranty. Worn out and irreparable items will not be covered.

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